On Pregnancy {Getting Ready for Baby}

by Lisa on June 10, 2011

I really, really wanted to give you a recipe today. I swear I did.  But if you live on the East Coast, you know what the weather’s been like this week. In a word: oppressive. I can’t even consider turning on my stove.  I want to bake—I have a pretty amazing recipe in mind to share with you!  This weekend it’s supposed to cool off a bit {high in the low 80s, I never thought I’d think of that as “cooling off”}.  So stay tuned for that.  For now, I thought I’d tell you about some things we’re doing to get ready for the arrival of our baby girl.

Jeromy and I are list people.  Every time we think of something that needs to be done or something we want to remember, we add it to our to do lists.  We both use software on our phones to maintain our to do lists, which is pretty convenient especially when we’re not in front of a computer.  Naturally, we created a to do list specifically for the baby.

1) We bought a house.  Was that really necessary before having a baby? No, of course not. In fact, our townhouse was a perfect size for our growing family.  But Jeromy and I had been talking and saving for awhile to be able to buy a new house and rent out our townhouse.  We looked at the market and talked to our realtor and the timing seemed to be just right.  We even managed to find tenants in record time {Hi, Kara!}. No regrets.


2) We saved money.  In addition to our down payment we have an emergency fund that we will not touch unless it’s…wait for it….an emergency.  I love to shop as much as the next girl, but I love to save money even more.  Our parents did a great job of teaching both of us fiscal responsibility—we will strive to pass that legacy on to our children.

3) We made a plan {consisting of a list with due dates} for turning this room into the baby’s room.  I can’t wait to share with you our progress photos—there is a lot of DIY involved {with much inspiration from Young House Love}.  We’re starting this weekend!



3) We’re stocking up on meals now.  I’ve started buying meat, putting it in a marinade and storing it in the freezer.  So far I’ve frozen chicken in bbq sauce and will put in an order for grass-fed beef and bison at the farmer’s market this weekend.  I’ll share those recipes as they happen.  We eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, but I really doubt I’ll be doing any grocery shopping in the first few weeks after the baby arrives.  Luckily, my parents will be here to take care of us {including picking up fresh produce}, while we take care of our baby girl.

4) We’re enjoying the time we have left as a family of two.  Three, if you count Dixie.  Our honeymoon baby didn’t give us much time alone as newlyweds, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We’re both saving up all of our leave at work for when the baby is born so we won’t be taking a babymoon.  Instead, we are having a lot of fun working on our house together, exploring our new town and snuggling with our girl Dixie.


5) We made a priority list {surprise!} of house projects.  There are a few that we think NEED to be done before the baby arrives, others that can wait until after and even more that can be pushed into the future.  In many ways, our house feels like a blank canvas, which means it will take time and money to make it exactly what we want it to be. And we’re okay with that, though some of us {Jeromy} have more patience than others {me}.

I’m not including here our full baby to do list, because you’d start to make fun of me for the level of detail it covers.  For us, it’s nice to see everything broken down into manageable pieces.  And who doesn’t love checking things off a list?

What about you? How are you getting ready for baby? What do you think I’m forgetting? Share in the comments!

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@neverhomemaker June 10, 2011 at 12:02 pm

I think our biggest stuff getting ready for baby is just making our house work better for us. This involves clearing out a lot of clutter and maybe doing a small reno on the kitchen (it's ridiculous right now!). I'm planning to make a list of stuff we want to tackle in the next 25 weeks this weekend :) It's so much fun!


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